So you've written a book.

You’ve worked hard on your book. You’ve plotted, planned, and written for days, months, even years to get your story onto the page. And you have an entire book to show for it! That’s amazing!

So what’s next?

Before you do anything else, celebrate! Most people haven’t written a book, but you have. Congratulations! Take a moment to celebrate your achievement.

But after that, you need a plan.

How do you know what’s next? What steps will get you from first draft to finished?

I’ve got you covered.

The next step is SELF-EDITING. This means you’re going to go through your manuscript and clean it up yourself. You’re going to ensure your phrasing is polished, the words you chose are ideal, and the story is told clearly and with finesse. It sounds like a big task. It is.

But don’t get discouraged! The process is actually pretty simple. And this Self-Editing Ebook Bundle breaks it down for you.

You’ll learn:
✔️ What editing drafts will work best for your book
✔️ How to create an editing plan and make it work for you
✔️ What things you should keep straight in your book and why
✔️ Why self-editing is the best thing you can do for your book
✔️ How not to get overwhelmed by the details

So if you’ve written a book but don’t have a clue what to do next (whether you plan on using an editor or not), you need this bundle to help you figure out your next steps. Grab your Self-Editing Ebook Bundle today!

The Self-Editing Ebook Bundle

  • Self-Editing Ebook

    An easy-to-use how-to guide for developing your custom self-editing plan that walks you through the different drafts during the editing process

  • Self-Editing Checklist

    A companion checklist to the ebook to help you stay on track after you’ve read the book, designed to be checked off as you complete each task

  • Self-Editing Story Bible Template

    A helpful Google Sheets spreadsheet created to help you track important details in your book, plan your timeline, and schedule your editing time

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Self Editing Ebook Bundle

    • How to use this course

    • Self-Editing for Pantsers Ebook

    • Self-Editing Checklist

    • Self-Editing Story Bible Template

    • Self-Editing Story Bible Template Walkthrough

    • A note from Melissa and next steps

Ready to finally get your book done?

The Self-Editing Ebook Bundle was designed as a complete system to help you tackle editing your manuscript. This simple, straightforward, easy-to-use resource will help you finally finish your book!

Story Bible Template Features

Curious about the Story Bible Template? Here's a glimpse into what it includes:

  • Editing Schedule and Deadlines — Create deadlines and track your progress for each draft as you edit

  • Editing Tracker — Track your editing progress on an hour-by-hour basis to help you stay focused and see forward movement

  • Editing Calendar — Schedule your time with this customizable calendar so you complete your edits on time

  • Character List — Record important character details so you have them to reference back to

  • Location List — Record important location details so you have them to reference back to

  • Special Items — Record important special items and their details so you have them to reference back to

  • Timeline (Shooting Schedule) — Keep track of the timeline of your story so you don't skip time unintentionally, plus track time of day

  • Plot Points — Avoid plot holes by noting your plot points to make sure they're resolved

Your Coach & Mentor

Melissa Frey

Hello! I'm Melissa Frey, an indie author, book editor, and writing coach who is here to help you write better books more quickly and easily!

I know just how difficult it can be to write, edit, publish, and market a book when no one's shown you how before. When I first started writing (over a decade ago!), I didn't have a clue where to start. It took me nearly ten years to figure out how to finally write and publish the books I knew I was created to write — and I don't want it to take you that long.

That's why I created the resources on my members site: to help you discover the stories you were created to tell and learn how to best share them with the world!

What students are saying...

5 star rating

Very helpful!

Merwin McCrady

I wish this was available when I wrote my first novel, because this would have streamlined the process for me. Thanks for developing this!

I wish this was available when I wrote my first novel, because this would have streamlined the process for me. Thanks for developing this!

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