Need help planning your social media posts?

Planning your posts on social media can be really overwhelming.

What should I post about? How often should I post? When should I post? Where do I even start??

That's where the Instagram Planning Calendar comes in. In this five-page printable, you'll get:

✔ An author-specific list of Instagram post ideas (which you could use for any social media platform, really!)
✔ A brainstorming section for planning out your posts and coming up with new ideas
✔ A fillable, reusable monthly calendar so you can see your full month of posts at a glance
✔ A fillable, reusable weekly calendar spread that helps you get clear on the different types of content you'll post on Instagram (now expanded and updated with 2021 Instagram features!)
✔ A step-by-step process for using the Instagram Planning Calendar effectively

If you're ready to stop stressing about your social media presence and ready to get back to writing, download the Instagram Planning Calendar today!

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