You didn't write a book for no one to read it.

You've worked hard on writing, editing, and publishing your book, and you know it's amazing. But no one seems to be reading it. And that's discouraging.

Because honestly, you know the amazing story you were given to tell was meant to be READ.

That's where Instagram can help. You can use the platform to:
✔️GROW your following
✔️CONNECT with your ideal reader
✔️SELL more books

All so your book can get into the hands of the readers who will FALL IN LOVE with your story.

Introducing the first LIVE round of the Instagram for Authors Course!

From April 6th through June 29th, 2022, you'll get weekly live trainings, interactive Q&A sessions, PLUS access to an ongoing Facebook group where you can ask all your questions as you're implementing the course and all the extra materials!

During the weekly live trainings, we'll be covering things like:

🎉 The best ways to grow your following in 2022
🎉 If hashtags are even useful anymore and what else can be even better
🎉 All about Reels, including a tutorial on how to create them plus a ton of content ideas
🎉 How to get past your fear of going live and tips to make it fun
🎉 A live workshop where you'll create a realistic content plan with support as you do it

...all so you can use everything Instagram has to offer to sell more books and get your stories into the hands of more readers!

To see a list of the planned live training schedule, please click here.

You'll also get instant access to the core Instagram for Authors Course

Where you'll learn:

✔ What to post and how often
✔ A fun way to plan your posts
✔ How to use all of Instagram’s many features to your best advantage
✔ How to personalize your Instagram strategy and get clear about your author brand
✔ Why you should use Instagram
✔ The right way to set up your Instagram account and profile
✔ How to get your first follower (if you haven't already!)
✔ How to set S.M.A.R.T. goals for your Instagram presence
✔ How to take and source beautiful photos for your feed
✔ Why videos are so important for engagement
✔ ...and more!

All to help you consistently grow your following, authentically connect with readers, and ultimately sell more books!

Seriously, this course is jam-packed with tutorials, videos, and text lessons that will get you up to speed no matter where you are in your social media journey.

Plus, when you join during the live round, you'll get a ton of new updates so you can be sure you're getting the latest info on how to grow your Instagram following as an author. Ready?

Included in the core Instagram for Authors Course:

  • Actionable Video Tutorials and Trainings

    Nearly 3 hours of video content, including step-by-step tutorials to help you easily visualize how to set up and use Instagram to its best advantage

  • Clear and Helpful Printables and Graphics

    7 printables and graphics to help you go deeper into the content and really hone in on your unique strengths and what you can best offer on the platform

  • Informative and Easy-to-Understand Content

    5 in-depth modules to take you through best practices and features of Instagram so you know how to set yourself up for success on the platform

Included in the LIVE round of the course:

  • Interactive Facebook Community

    Exclusive access to the interactive group where you can ask questions and connect with other authors as you learn the content

  • Weekly Live Trainings and Q&As

    Once a week live trainings and Q&As to give you all the latest information on how to grow your Instagram following as an author

  • Customized Feedback

    Real-time feedback and support specific to your needs to help you implement what you've learned quickly and easily

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access to the core content, the live replays, and the Facebook community so you can keep learning and growing after the live round is done!

  • Bonus Bio Makeover

    An assessment of your Instagram bio and grid with helpful feedback so you can improve your presence on the platform and attract more of the right readers

✨ Special LIVE Round ✨

starts April 6th, 2022!

Join the special LIVE round of the Instagram for Authors Course! You'll get instant access to the core course content PLUS get up-to-date with weekly live trainings and Q&As through June 29th, 2022!

You'll also get lifetime access to all the live replays and an interactive Facebook group!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Melissa

    • The LIVE Trainings Schedule

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Module 1: Instagram 101

    • Lesson 1: Intro to Instagram 101

    • Lesson 2: What Instagram Is Used For

    • Lesson 3: Why You Should Use Instagram & How to Find Your Why

    • Lesson 4: What Instagram Offers

    • Module 1 Learning Check

  • 3

    Module 2: Getting Started

    • Lesson 1: Intro to Getting Started

    • Lesson 2: Pick a Username

    • Lesson 3: Create Your Profile

    • Lesson 4: Set Up Your Page the Right Way & Intro to Analytics

    • Lesson 5: Instagram Setup Checklist

    • Lesson 6: Get Your First Follower (How to Start Following)

    • Module 2 Learning Check

  • 4

    Module 3: Plan Your Content

    • Lesson 1: Intro to Plan Your Content

    • Lesson 2: How Often Should You Post?

    • Lesson 3: All About Branding: What Do You Want Your Profile to Be?

    • Lesson 4: How to Plan Your Posts (Planning Tools)

    • Lesson 5: Setting SMART Goals for Your Instagram Account

    • Lesson 6: Your Branding Clarity Exercise

    • Module 3 Learning Check

  • 5

    Module 4: Create Your Content

    • Lesson 1: Intro to Create Your Content

    • Lesson 2: Post Ideas

    • Lesson 3: All About Photos (Taking, Sourcing, Editing, and Storing)

    • Lesson 4: All About Videos (For Stories, Your Feed, or IGTV)

    • Lesson 5: Is Your New Best Friend

    • Module 4 Learning Check

  • 6

    Module 5: Post Your Content

    • Lesson 1: Intro to Post Your Content

    • Lesson 2: How to Post to Your Feed

    • Lesson 3: How to Post to Your Stories

    • Lesson 4: How to Post to IGTV

    • Module 5 Learning Check

  • 7

    LIVE ROUND: Live Training Replays

    • Aligned Instagram Workshop

    • Hashtags in 2022 Live Training

    • Grow Your Instagram Following in 2022 Live Training

    • April Monthly Q&A

    • Introduction to Analytics

    • Everything Reels Live Training and Tutorial

    • Going Live on Instagram Mindset Training

    • Hidden Gems on IG Mini-Training

    • Canva Video Tutorial and Live Training

    • The Content Planning Workshop

    • The Power of the CTA (Call to Action) Mini-Training

    • June Monthly Q&A (+ bonus training!)

  • 8

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Get the course content PLUS updates during the LIVE round!

April 6th – June 29th, 2022

What students are saying...

5 star rating

Great for authors who don't know how to use this platform

Merwin McCrady

I was one of those authors that didn't know if this platform was relevant for authors. I thought only Facebook and Twitter were best, but they're two platfor...

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I was one of those authors that didn't know if this platform was relevant for authors. I thought only Facebook and Twitter were best, but they're two platforms I barely use anyway and I didnt have fun trying to learn how to use them. Instagram was a platform I had been using since 2018, before I even published a book, and liked that platform much better. Now that I realized the "bookish" community is huge on the platform, this course showed me how to really utilize it to grow my following and to strengthen my brand identity so I know how and what to post authentically.

Read Less

Plus a Special Live Round Bonus!

  • Instagram Bio Makeover

    You'll get a FREE assessment of your Instagram bio and feed when you join including suggestions on how to make it more impactful!


Melissa Frey

Hello! I'm Melissa Frey, an indie author, book editor, and writing coach who is here to help you write better books more quickly and easily!

I know just how difficult it can be to write, edit, publish, and market a book when no one's shown you how before. When I first started writing (over a decade ago!), I didn't have a clue where to start. It took me nearly ten years to figure out how to finally write and publish the books I knew I was created to write — and I don't want it to take you that long.

That's why I created the resources on my members site: to help you discover the stories you were created to tell and learn how to best share them with the world!

Join the LIVE round of the Instagram for Authors Course today!

Ready to learn how to grow your following so you can reach your ideal readers and sell more books?


  • When is the live round?

    The live round of the course starts April 6, 2022 and runs through June 29th, 2022.

    During that time, there will be weekly live trainings and Q&As. After the live round is over, you'll still have lifetime access to the course and all the live replays plus ongoing access to the Facebook community!

  • Why should I join now?

    I'm planning on keeping enrollment open for the course during the live round, so you can join anytime! But the sooner you enroll, the more live trainings you'll be able to participate in, and the more benefit you'll get from being a part of the interactive Facebook community.

  • What do you mean by a "live round" of the course?

    I will be doing weekly live trainings and Q&As to supplement the main course material. These serve as either brand new material or updates to best practices in 2022. This way, you get all the benefit of a comprehensive course plus all the updates you need to master Instagram in 2022!

  • Will I have lifetime access to the course and the replays during the live round?

    Yes! You'll have access to all the replays and the full course, plus you'll still have access to the course Facebook community after the live round, too!

  • Do I have to attend the live sessions to get the benefit out of the course?

    In short, no! You will be able to watch the replays soon after the live sessions, and you can always submit questions in the Facebook community or in advance for the Q&As.

  • Can I start the core course content right away?

    Of course! The core content is designed for you to work at your own pace.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the live nature of the course, I do not offer refunds at this time. But you can always ask me if you have a question before joining!

    Just DM me on Instagram @melissafreyauthor or email me here:

  • What if I have additional questions?

    Feel free to reach out! Just DM me on Instagram @melissafreyauthor or email me here:


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